About Global Medical Supplies 

Since 2009, we are proudly offering medical services to our clients around the world.
About the company

Global Medical Supplies (GMS) is an established supplier of Medical & Nursing equipment. We have been working on this field since mid-2009, our main office is based in Birmingham UK. We work with clients form all around the world, and our aim is to deliver goods on time and as requested. Customer satisfaction is always been our main priority.


Recently we have started supplying medicines to our clients in the Middle East and North Arica. We believe that the people of the third world deserve to receive the same medical care just like everyone else in Europe and America. Therefore, we are focusing on new markets to make sure they received what they are looking for.


Furthermore, we provide consultant services for those who are looking for treatments in the UK. We have worked with a number of patients and we are proud that we have helped them receive the treatment they needed. Moreover we have great relations with a number of health offices in the country that represent some countries in the Middle East.

Work with us

In (GMS) we care much about providing equipment, medicines and health care to our clients. Therefore, we are happy to work with any international agents or brokers in order to expand our business. Our policy states that everyone in the world deserves to have the best medical care available.


We are more than happy to work with charities and health aid organizations globally. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be ready to answer your questions as soon as we get it.

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